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I'm a girl of 21 years old. I'm still fangirling about a lot of things. I'm in college and someday i'll be a pharmaceutical chemestry.
I'm Skydust212 in pottermore. Feel free to add me.

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Do people come up to you at Comic Con and want to feel your head, you know, to make sure everything is a-okay? Yeah, well, they actually don’t want to feel my head and make sure it’s okay. They actually want to squish it. Everyone’s like, “Can I gouge your eyes out for this selfie?” (laughs) And I’m like, “Sure.” - Pedro Pascal

"I’m immortal. That’s just great, thank you. Thanks a lot!"


Do you think every president goes through a awkward first few weeks in office when they’re not sure when’s the right time to ask if aliens are real or not?



there’s bad movies that you just turn off ten minutes in but then there’s bad movies that are an adventure


Top 5 sex positions

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Things Dumbledore Did That’d Be Creepy If You Did them

bofa trailer in a nutshell